• This Weekend - Cabbagetown Chomp and Stomp

    Like pete rock said “let’s see what’s next on the menu” … it’s the C-town festival The Chomp and Stomp.  This is a really fun one.  One of atlanta’s best neighborhood, Cabbagetown, famous for it’s dope grafitti and the cotton mill and carrol street and 97 estoria and more, will be hosting this festival.. there’s a 5k, there’s bands, there’s beer and there’s chili… walk around the block from the chili and there’s the artist’s market where we’ll be.  We’ll have shirts and we’ll be bangin’ out the music.  Last year we got shut down by the cops but even that didn’t stop us as we went across the street and started a house party.  Come check us out and say “hi” .. this may be our last festival ’til next spring so lets’ do it up..



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