• this weekend: Cabbagetown Chomp and Stomp - RYH HOODIES AVAILABLE


    today is wednesday october 31st, halloween.  we are 3 days out from the cabbagetown festival known as the chomp and stomp.  there will be a chili cook-off, bands playing, cold beer and there will be an artist market.. we at rep your hood always look forward to this weekend.  it’s a lot of fun and it’s our last festival of the calendar year.  we are booth P-1 this year.. that should mean nothing to you.. what should mean something to you is that we are the first booth on powell right at the instersection at wiley street.  this is a little bit of a different location from last year.  i think it’s closer to where we were positioned two years ago.. anyone remember that festival two years ago?  it ended with a crowd dancing in the street, getting shut down by the cops and then an organic house party across the way started out of nowhere.

    be on the lookout for the rep your hood booth.  we’ve got t-shirts, we’ve got prints and for the first time we will have HOODIES.  since the hoodies are kind of an experiment we only printed so many of them (i think around 30 or so..)  if you are the hoodie type and know you want one you might wanna get there early and hit us up..  we’ve got both men’s and women’s sizes and are making ‘em available for $35 … they’ll probably never make it to the website so you gotta come get one in person.  oh and if we spot you at the festival wearing a RYH shirt from a past purchase we’re gonna invite you to join us for a cold beer out of our cooler on the house.  czzle instituted that rule at the strut and we’re keeping it going.

    hopefully the guys from wasted potential brass band will be stopping by to play and if nothing else hang out.  also the Village Theatre has a booth.. same guys that were next to us at the strut but since they’re making chili they’re in a different section of the festival.. be on the lookout for them too.  the forecast is calling for a sunny day with highs in the 70′s. .. love it.  if you’re going to be part of the late crowd i might bring a long sleeve (or buy a hoodie) ’cause it’s gonna get chilly when the sun goes down.  parking gets a little tough after 1 o’clock, so my recommendation is to come on the earlier side of things if you can..

    this festival is going to be a great time.. hope to see you there.



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